The Vasco Rd Safety Improvements Project - Phase 1 is designed to improve the safety of approximately 1 mile of Vasco Rd between the cities of Brentwood and Livermore. This stretch of twisting Vasco Rd has heavy, fast moving traffic and a history of serious injury accidents. The project consists of installing a concrete median barrier along the 1 mile project limits and widening the southbound pavement to provide a truck climbing lane, thereby eliminating the gap in the existing truck climbing lanes along Vasco Rd. To accommodate these safety improvements, 6 retaining walls, storm drains, wildlife crossings, and a bridge widening will be constructed. This project is anticipated to take 1.5 yrs (2 construction seasons) to complete, anticipated in December 2011. Check out this blog from time to time to see updates on construction progress and facts about the project.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Soldier Pile Wall Work Continues

Teichert Construction has completed a signifcant portion of the soldier pile retaining walls required for the road widening at the southern project limit. Steel piles were installed and cast in concrete holes along the hillside. Teichert Construction crews then excavated the hillside and installed timber lagging to retain the hillside slope. A concrete facing wall be installed in front of the timber wall with an architectural finish in the following months.

Teichert Construction removes "lean" concrete and soil around the piles to install timber lagging.

Southbound view of the Soil Nail Wall 2.